Learn mathematics online with an experienced world-class teacher.

The Elite Approach

Here at Elite Teaching, we believe in the art of quality teaching and purposeful practice. Instead of giving an endless amount of questions, we encourage students to take their time and fully understand how to do each question before moving on. We only use exam-style questions for our lessons so that students know what to expect during tests and don’t need any time to adjust their approach. We also offer your child valuable techniques and tips on acing their next exam.

Private Lesson

The private lesson is completely flexible and customisable to the needs of the student. Use it to supplement group lessons to hone in on topics that aren't 100% clear yet and develop an intuition at your own pace.

For advanced students, a custom lesson plan can be developed to prepare students for the American Mathematics Competition (AMC), Canadian Mathematics Competitions (CMC) and Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad (HKMO).

Group Lesson

As the most suitable option for the majority of students, group lessons use a curriculum-driven approach to ensure all topics are fully covered, while still providing the same Elite approach to teaching.

Lessons are broken down into 1-hour sessions, where students learn a single key skill each time. By partnering with Zoom™, our group lessons are interactive with instant messaging and virtual “hand raise” features.

All the questions we go through during the lessons are exam-style questions. About 60% of worksheets we go through are application and real-world problems so that you can confidently tackle all types of questions.

Here are some examples of topics that we cover:

  • Algebraic Equations

    Algebra forms the foundation of high school mathematics since equations come up everywhere. This is something students should master as soon as possible because it will make everything else they learn a lot easier.

  • Quadratic Equations

    This is one of the more difficult topics in high school because, confusingly, there are multiple methods that can be used to solve a quadratic equation. The most reliable way is using the quadratic formula, although students often just plug in the variables without understanding what it means. Other times, the factorisation method is more suitable because the solution is faster and more elegant.

  • Trigonometric Identities

    With questions from this topic, students are given a trigonometric equation and their task is to prove whether the equation holds true. Starting from the left side of the equation, students are tasked with manipulating it to equal the right side.

Philip Leung was born in the United Kingdom and raised in Australia. His entire primary, secondary and university education was completed in Australia. Philip attended a top private school in Australia on a full scholarship because of his outstanding academic and music abilities.

Having scored in the top 0.3% of all secondary school students in his public examinations, Philip went on to complete an honours degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Melbourne. Afterwards, he worked as an actuary and software engineer for several years before discovering his passion in teaching.

Since moving to Hong Kong three years ago, Philip has taught more than 50 students from top international schools and successfully helped them improve their grades. Philip firmly believes that he can provide the best learning experience for your child.

Students from the Elite Community

Hear what current and past students have to say about Elite Teaching.

  • Hong Kong International School

    Hong Kong International School

    “Phil explains mathematical concepts very clearly and often shows me different ways to approach the same question. Because of this, I'm able to find the approach which suits me best.”
  • Chinese International School

    Chinese International School

    “I really enjoy Phil’s teaching style. I feel completely comfortable letting him know when there’s anything I don’t understand.”
  • Victoria Shanghai Academy

    Victoria Shanghai Academy

    “I study quite independently and Phil’s lessons help clarify anything that I’m unsure about.”
  • Independent Schools Foundation

    Independent Schools Foundation

    “I already find my school material quite easy which is why I’ve decided to study ahead. Phil lets me learn at my own pace by allowing me to choose which topic I want to do next.”
  • King George V School

    King George V School

    “Philip has helped me increase my marks for school assessments. His knowledge of mathematics goes beyond superficial understanding and addresses the basics of the topic.”
  • Canadian International School

    Canadian International School

    “I was afraid of doing fractions and percentages but now I'm very confident with them. I really enjoy my lessons with Philip because he's able to explain concepts very creatively.”

At Elite Teaching, we have students from some of the best schools in Hong Kong. Our lessons are aimed at secondary students attending Grade 7 or above. All students are required to have already mastered primary school mathematics, which includes basic operations as well as fractions, decimals and percentages.


The online courses cover the core material from the following curriculums:

  • International Baccalaureate MYP/DP

    This curriculum is widely recognised and offered by most international schools in Hong Kong and abroad. Our courses give Middle-Year students more structure which helps them transition to their Diploma exams.

  • GCSE/IGSCE/A-Levels

    The U.K. curriculum has very well-written questions and well-structured exams. We utilise a number of their questions to prepare students for their respective exams because we believe that they provide the best exam-style practice available.

  • American (Common Core)

    Although we cover all the topics in the American curriculum, we teach using exam-style questions from other curriculums, particularly for Grades 7–10, where other curriculums offer more structure to the topics.

  • Australian (All States)

    Our courses are particularly useful for helping students strengthen their mathematical understanding in their early-to-mid years of secondary school where the teaching from the Australian curriculum is typically not as structured.

  • Canadian (All Provinces)

    Just like the Australian curriculum, Canada doesn't provide quality tests until the end of high school. Exposing students to exam-style questions early on will give them a significant advantage over their peers.